In August 2014, I stopped writing new articles on this blog. This was primarily because I felt I had done my bit, given all I had to the aspirants.

However, a recent talk given at forumias gave me an opportunity to reflect upon my life before and now… Was all this worth it? Was IAS worth it? The path taken 5 years ago, from the glamour of Wall Street to the shitty lanes of remote villages in Rajasthan – was it worth it? From the efficient and fast private sector to working in government – was it worth it? Why IAS – the question which used to haunt me during the interview prep…

I am uploading the video here – watch till about 35 minutes and then the last 5 minutes. This is my heart which speaks… Its a bit long but apologies, can’t write everything again…


This is the complete archive of all the earlier articles:

UPSC: How to prepare General Studies and Essays?

  1. How to prepare General Studies for UPSC?
  2. Hindi Medium Guidance from Hindi Topper- Santosh Rai (AIR 107, cse 2013)
  3. How to Read Newspapers for UPSC?
  4. How to prepare Culture, S&T, Environment?
  5. How to Improve Answer Writing for Mains?
  6. Sample Answer writing: My VisionIAS Answerscripts
  7. How to improve Essay Writing for UPSC Mains?
  8. Sample Essays for UPSC Mains?
  9. Download My UPSC / IAS Preparation Notes from Evernote
  10. My Detailed Response to Mrunal.org about UPSC preparation

UPSC Coaching Classes

  1. My Good and Bad experiences with Coaching Classes
  2. Poor Coaching wallas began comment-spam after my previous article
  3. Views of Mr.Kunal Angrish (IFoS Rank 2) on Coaching Classes

UPSC: My Own Journey

  1. UPSC Interview 2013, IMG Khan Board
  2. UPSC Interview 2014: Dr. Kilemsungla Board
  3. My UPSC Marks – CSE 2013
  4. Editorial: Open Letter from Justice Shiv Kumar (High Court) and Reply
  5. From Macaulay Putra, With Love… Part 1
  6. From Macaulay Putra, With Love… Part 2
  7. Superman… Signing Off…

UPSC Mains: How to prepare Optional Subjects?

  1. Economics Optional
  2. Public Administration Optional – IAS Prem Ranjan Singh (Rank 62, CSE 2013)
  3. PubAd Hidden Topics: Lohit Matani (AIR 182, CSE 2013)
  4. History Optional
  5. Psychology Optional Strategy by IAS Ravi Ranjan (AIR 92 CSE 2013)
  6. Geography Optional by IAS Chanchal Rana (AIR 7, CSE 2013)
  7. Management Optional – Nagendra Singh (AIR 120, CSE 2013)
  8. Philosophy Optional – Dinesh Bishnoi (212 marks optional)
  9. Political Science – by Subject Topper Rajat Sen (255 marks, cse 2013)
  10. Political Science Optional Preparation – by IAS Himanshu Aggarwal (AIR 28, cse 2013)
  11. Physics Optional – by Divyanshu Jha (AIR 9, cse 2013)
  12. Physics, Ethics and Interview – by IAS Manish Bansal (AIR 53, cse 2013)




UPSC Essays

  1. How to improve Essay Writing for UPSC Mains?
  2. UPSC Essay: Are our traditional handicrafts doomed to a slow death?
  3. UPSC Essay: Credit Based Higher Education System – Status, Opportunities and Challenges.
  4. UPSC Essay: Is the criticism that PPP model of development is more of a bane than a boon in the Indian context justified?
  5. UPSC Mock Essay: Internet: the new battleground for governments and people on free expression, privacy and transparency?
  6. UPSC Mock Essay: Governance is not about institutions but about people being empowered to engage with them.
  7. UPSC Mock Essay: Regulatory Institutions in India: White Knights or Trojan Horses?
  8. UPSC Essay: Science and Technology is a panacea for the growth and security of the nation


  1. Almost Perfect”
  2. The Fair Coin”
  3. Who Killed My Golden Goose?”
  4. How does India estimate its poor?”
  5. A Funny Chutukla …”
  6. The Economics of a Girl Child”
  7. For the love of left or right”
  8. Growth vs Entitlements: Impact of PDS on Poverty Reduction”
  9. Indian Economy: Budget Discussion”


  1. The Mahatma’s Mantra
  2. Oh Poor English!
  3. Our Chakravyuh
  4. Rape of a Woman
  5. I Protest
  6. Dear Patriots of India,
  7. My Kashmir Diary

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