Dear Patriots of India,

Pakistan killed two of our soldiers and beheaded one of them. Expectedly, our zealous patriots immediately began to criticise the government for allowing Pakistanis to play hockey with us, allowing their artists to perform in India and for letting their writers speak in our literary fests. So our government sent all of them back. Then again, expectedly, the patriot lobby began to criticise the government – this time for ‘only’ sending their artists and players back while our soldiers were killed. They called it a betrayal to the nation that our government ‘talked’ with Pakistan while they killed our soldiers. So our government had to suspend the new visa regime and even the PM had to come out and say ‘no more talks. There can’t be business as usual.’ Expectedly again the brave patriots were not satisfied. They again criticised our government, only this time taking your favorite and much in-fashion path of politician bashing. So now while our brave soldiers died on the borders, our weak politicians merely ‘stopped talking’ to Pakistan. Evidently our patriots want nothing short of a war with Pakistan (though some of them even urged our brave soldiers not to march in front of the weak politicians on the Republic Day and thus effectively called for an Army rule in India.)

While I would not dwell into all the patriotic calls of insanity here, one genuine thing which perturbed my tranquil thoughts was that how to ultimately solve the problem of Pakistan? And my conclusion is a war is out of question. No not because I am swayed here by considerations of humanity at large but because a war, in itself, without any consideration for its outcome, would be a huge huge loss for India and a severe blow to her national interests. Simply put, India can never win a war against Pakistan – no sir – not at least in the forseeable future. A war in itself would mean the biggest defeat India has ever suffered so far.

And the reason? Not that I doubt for one moment the conventional and strategic superiority of our armed forces, no. Without adding any complications arising out of the playgrounds of international politics and assuming the nuclear weapons on both sides remain silent, I am convinced that should a war happen to be, Indian forces will steam roll through much of Pakistan. But at the end of that war, will the real problems start. What will we do wih a Pakistan just won? Ruling it directly would perhaps be the worst option, for in the modern age of nationalism, no foreign rule can succeed. So we will have to restore the Pakistani establishment. But any government which has lost a war to India would be immediately discredited – perhaps faster than i can spell ‘discredited’. In the good old days of 71 war, Pakistani army took over the reigns. But not now. For there is another more potent force on the horizons and that is of the Islamic extremism. The war would only fuel their cause and enhance their credibility and in all likelihood they would overthrow the government there. Pakistan would officially become a state ruled by terrorists!

And this is assuming that Indian forces quickly win. But in all likelihood such a quick victory will not be decisive for the battlegrounds will then shift from Pakistan into the Afghanistan. Any Afghan government there would be overthrown and the entire Af-Pak region will become a hotbed of religious extremism and fanatic terrorists (some say it is currently like that but trust me its nothing compared to what it would be should a war break out). Les remember, Britain could not win in Afghanistan in the 19th century, Soviet Union couldn’t win there in the 20th century and US couldn’t win there in the 21st… Not even when they were the super powers of their times… Can we really imagine India would be able to win there?

Clearly not. And the tsunami of hate and terror would sweep India and the costs would be exceedingly prohibitive. All our development, all our prowess would come to a still. Plus fresh dangers will arise inside the country as this tide of religious hatred polarises our own society. Thus clearly, a war, irrespective of its outcome, shall be a grave blow to India’s national interest. And the irony is, every rhetoric of these so called patriots in India, only takes us closer to the war, thus playing in the hands of the religious fanatics across the border.

So then, what should we do? Should we take the Pakistani misadventures lying down? Should we continue to play cricket with them while they kill our soldiers? At least breaking these relations is better than doing nothing, isn’t it? And here I see the second irony.

For a moment imagine, I, who have never met you, never even seen you, hereby swear never to do any business with you. So… Whats the big deal? Why should you care? You are not dependent upon me in any way so why should you care if I threaten to break all my relations with you? And now imagine you are my good for nothing, spoilt son or daughter and I am your rich dad. Now if I threaten to throw you out of my house without giving a penny… Won’t you be alarmed? Won’t you be willing to strike a compromise with me and stop doing things which irritate me?

Well its the same thing with Pakistan… We need to cultivate an India dependent lobby there. And this we can do only by promoting trade and investments with Pakistan… By letting them feed on our growth. India has the potential to be a significant factor in Pakistan’s economics. Right now nobody cares there if we threaten to break our ties with them. But once we have a significant lobby there who depend on us for their profits, they would serve to counter balance the jihadi elements there. Afterall the most loved color in the world is green – and green is not the color of Islam but the color of dollars. But here is the irony. By breaking ties again and again, we just don’t let this India dependent lobby grow. We kill it in the foetus itself. And this is precisely what jihadists want! Again the pressure from our ‘patriots’ makes us unwittingly fall into the trap of the terrorists… Say goodbye to any lasting peace. Say goodbye to national interests. Onward we march towards our doom.

Perhaps that is why international diplomacy should only be played by cool heads relentlessly pursuing national interests and national interests alone. Insanity and emotions have no place there. Never ever let the mistress (or lover for the sake of making it gender neutral) dictate your business affairs…

P.S.: I see an increasing culture of insanity and intolerance in our youth. Be it the Anna movement (gallows to corrupt politicians), the delhi rape case (mutilate the rapists’ bodies, kill them like they kill in Saudi Arabia) or this soldier beheading incident, it seems that all sanity is driving away from our heads and being replaced by impulsive insane rhetoric. How can we call ourselves civilised or any different from Taliban if we also don’t respect human rights and dissent? I hope at least some of my readers will see my point although I expect a lot of gaalis after this article :-)


25 Replies to “Dear Patriots of India,”

    1. Barkha dutt n her war mongering sheeps can be tranquilized by a few gun shots, fiery speeches, border visits and gallantry awards to the deceased. Who is she but another illiterate journalist worried primarily about her trp ratings. This is no soap opera unfolding here, its hard real international politics where only national interests matter, not emotions of any number of barkhas.


      1. Not a word you said in your post or in your reply to my attempted satire do I disagree with. Your blog was a pleasant read and a nice break from the jingoism of our Facebook educated ‘youth’ and TRP obsessed media.


  1. War is not the best recourse. Ever. But that doesn’t stop it from being inevitable.
    Reason and logic are nothing but sand to the sea in front of emotions and feelings. Till the Sea is placated it only chooses to wet the sand. But when it gets turbulent it sweeps everything away!
    And more fool he who thinks to reason with the mob!


    1. Aah here comes the grand magician with words himself. Oh how I wish to master the trade like yourself and how miserably I always fail. Your prophecy of doom drains the strength away from me my friend, how the darkness of dispair surrounds me… But place your faith upon my breast for oh dear friend I assure you… If the race of men shall fail, if the clouds rain but blood and flesh, if the grain we eat turns into ash… It shall not be this day. This day, we shall triumph! Humanity shall triumph!


  2. Good one Gauaaa jee :). I agree, war is not the solution. To make them feel the pinch, it has to be some economic sanctions. I am not sure if an Indian lobby in Pakistan will be good enough. I do not think Indian lobby in the western states will be very effective either. Any forcing-the-arm by the west will only antagonise the pakistanis further..and the western countries have their own vested interests due to which they may decide not to interfere.

    However, if india can work with some middle eastern islamic country (perhaps Iran?) to put pressure or some kind of financial sanctions on Pakistan, then i think we will see some difference. This will be a 2 prong blow to Pakistan – economic sanction and facing heat from an Muslim country. This may be more 2 cents.


  3. Dear Mr. Superman,

    I believe that according to your pseudonym you have started living in world of comics itself. I can understand that war is not a solution but the solution suggested by you seems to be absurd right from the word go. I don’t think that there has been a more powerful a thought of economic integration than European Union. However where does it stand today? All the major participating nations are in disarray with their economies going bankrupt or in real bad shape with only exception being Germany and UK (if you really consider it be a part of EU). If these nations richer and far more affluent than us couldn’t survive this fair attempt then how do you ensure to replicate this model with neighbors like Pakistan & Afghanistan. India having its own set of problems should also take up the problems of these countries and even if it is executed as per your plan then what is the guarantee of terrorist powers fading away. You might be knowing that the terrorist organizations in these countries are funded by some of the very rich countries including US. I don’t think that monetarily we would be able to out muscle the hate which is so deep rooted. I think that in such grievous circumstances we can only defend our borders with much more rigor and passion and very honestly speaking kick some ass at the top levels.

    Vivek Tyagi (I don’t like to hide under Pseudonyms)


    1. Brother, i m glad u mentioned europe. U shud really read european history in the 19th n 20th century to see how economic integration overcame the divides of radical nationalism… From a continent which had fought 2 world wars and numerous smaller ones, they became one bloc! You are definitely exaggerating the current situation… Nowhere is EU close to disintegration n if u read their developments more closely u ll find that EU is actually emerging stronger n more closely knit from this crisis than ever. Suggest u read about the banking union, ESM, fiscal approval authority programmes for EU.

      I m sure u ll realise the folly of your example n jes how powerful economic integration is once u get ur facts correct.

      Anyways if u still wanna kick some ass, happy to request the govt to open up Pak border for an hour when u along with ur kick ass fighters can cross over to pakistan and kick as much ass as u may possibly want. Once done, just blow the whistle and we ll open the border gates to allow u back. For getting some feel of how it feels to kick some ass in pakistan, i would recommend u along with ur kick ass fighters watch gadar – ek prem katha. I m sure u know wnuf abt the story not to be misled by its suffix.

      Moreover, for your bravery displayed here by not hiding behind a pseudonym, I should also request the government to consider you for the param veer chakra next year? Anyways, since u obviously dont appreciate the concept of pen name, in case u wanna know more about me, there is a ‘about the author’ page the link of which is at the top… Cmon jes one click.. I hope it wont be too big an exertion for u though i understand every bit of your strength is precious since u r gonna go to pakistan to kick some ass.

      Wish u good luck my kick ass brother. And i hope u wud be kind enuf not to indulge in any personal attacks. Discussion, i m happy to indulge in, but personal attacks are a thing of past for me. Dont wanna go back there.. Still if u want a persnal dose from me, i would only be too happy to refer you to some testimonies.


  4. Hello superman!
    Nice post. I’ve few things to say though.

    Pakistan and India share history but never were they friends and will never become until pak shreds its founding concept that muslims can’t live a just life with hindus. Sure, we will not seek a war, but at the same time we don’t need to seek friendship with them. We should engage it with only when it makes efforts to stop terrorism, punish the terrorists. Would you do business with a person who is hell bent on destroying you by all means?


  5. Great post sir i must say. magic of words and ideas are flowing without any breaks. This lobby wala concept is little hard to accept in near future but cant be denied in long term when Inidia itself would be sufficient to provide enough to its citizens. And yes, war is never a solution at all and it never was. Pakistan has nothing to lose and we have everything when India is emerging as a global power. we cant afford ourselves to be pushed 10 years behind in case severe war happens. Its better to ignore pak and strengthen ourself. vese how did pakistani soldiers come in and beheaded our soldiers?


  6. jiske larke saheed hote hai unse jaake pooch kya karna chahiye. kya tumhare ghar se koi saheed hua hai. officer ban gaye ho iska matlab ye nahi ki baaki janta bakwaas hai unhe kuchh nahi aata.your view is the view of cowards .bhagwaan ko thanks bolo ki officer ban gaye ho.books padhte padhte totally kitaabi kira ho gaye ho . kisi ne sahi kaha hai dooniya dekho logo se sanwaad karo practical knowledge lo agar kitaab padho ge to chutiye ho jaoge.


    1. Bhai lekin Yuddha ek paryay nahi hai..Shaheedo ka dard shayad samjh nahi paaye par sahanubhti to hum rakhte hai..Par iska matlab ye to nahi ki hum hazaro aur shahadat ke kaaran bane..aajkal duniya aisa chakravyuh ban chuka hai ki garam khuni mijaaj bahot mehnga pad jaata hai..par chuppi banaye rakhna bhi koi samjhdaari nahi munhtod jawab dena bhi aana chahiye..aajkal sarkaar thodi agresar ho ri hai is maamle me…


  7. Hi sir
    Very well said and I fully agree that economic integration is the neocolonialism through which a strong country can easily control it’s neighbours. It is the only reason China is not declaring war and allowing standoff even after having claim on Arunachal Pradesh. The problem with Pak over here is the China has emerged to as the big daddy of Pakistan. Drawing parallels to Nepal, there was a time when India was big rich daddy of Nepal but nowadays due to tension over framing of constitution and India’s interference for a just cause of Teri people, anti Indian sentiments are growing. It is even more fueled by Chinese govt to increase there influence. If you see according to recent reports, the trade across the border is major funding source of J&K unrest. Hence I feel to some extent we should snap maximum ties with Pak and start fueling Baluchistan. It will undermine the CPEC forcing China to back off and then lend a hand to grieving dog. Further special status of J&K should be removed to allow intermingling of culture and to develop the industries which may employ the 90s uneducated unemployed stone pelting youth.
    Please let me your views on the aforesaid suggestions.
    D Prakash


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