UPSC Mains 2013: (Solved) General Studies Paper 2

I am uploading here what I wrote in the General Studies paper 2 of 2013 UPSC mains exam. This is just from memory and is only broadly similar to what I wrote. The words obviously can’t be the same. You are most welcome to criticize/add to/suggest alternate answers :-) I am only putting up a link here because the formatting of wordpress leaves much to desire.

Click here to download Paper 2.


26 Replies to “UPSC Mains 2013: (Solved) General Studies Paper 2”

  1. ha ek cheez ..wo indo-japan wala Q ka muje abi b doubt h …exam me b koi policy constraint nhi soojha..coz nuclear deal me road clear h …G4 me saath h ..both r true democracy…MECR me b support kiya.. fir kya issue h …muje to ek hi constraint dikha china se fati h japan ki or japan k khane ka std ooncha h :D


  2. Respected Sir,
    Thank you for posting these answers, they are really helpful for first timers like me. I am eagerly waiting for answers to G.S. paper 3 and 4, please upload them too.
    Thanks again.


  3. Really liked your answers. It would be really helpful if you could throw some light on how you prepared for the GS papers. From your answers, it looks like you prepared notes on every possible topic. Kindly help with the strategy.


  4. Respected Sir,
    I am doing my GS coaching at ALS Delhi. Here we are told not to write answers in point as it doesn’t invite any marks. But in answer sheet you have uploaded on evernote, you have written all answers in point. So kindly sir please elaborate on this issue. Which tech. to follow


  5. tHANKS SIR for answers,
    but I am unable to save them in my PC, Plz sir can upload them in pdf form on your blog, I will be much obliged for ur kind help.
    Thanks sir again……..


  6. Sir… Ur blogs are outstanding and really a helping one for aspirants thanks sir for ur milestone approach… But sir link that connects to – G S solved paper is locked.. There fore I need ur help to see them.. Please sir help me


  7. sum of two odd no is always a even no, but sum of even and odd leads to odd no . i think its not possible to add 3 odd no and get 30 as output
    plz tell if i m wrong in my theory,


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