UPSC Mains 2013: (Solved) General Studies Paper 3

Click here to download my solutions to 2013 Mains General Studies Paper 3.


1. The below answers have been reproduced purely from my memory of what I wrote. They may not be accurate. All discussions are welcome :-)
2. All answers were written more or less in the same sub-heading wise and point wise format. But the exact content may not be the same and I may be putting some additional points here or missing out some points written in the exam due to the gap between writing this and writing the exam.
3. 60 marks worth out of 250 was left/wrong/very poorly attempted.
4. I have not been able to garner enough will power to put solutions to last few questions here. Will try to do so in due course.


  1. Thanks Sir, you are awesome. Very kind of you to put in so much efforts in educating the newbies like us. Really acknowledge and appreciate your efforts. Could you also do us a favour of uploading your History Optionals answers.


  2. Hi Superman ji Congratulations on your phenomenal success.
    Sir, I want to know on the role of Delhi and coaching in one’s probability of success please guide so that I can take appropriate action.
    Awaiting reply!


  3. Sir this is great but hopefully u have filed RTI for ur answersheets it will benefit lot of people :) we would also wish to c ur real answers alongwith GS 1V – the trickiest of all thanks!


  4. Sir in case u r not able to put up the whole ethics paper’s solution here, then atleast kindly put 1 solved case study here.
    In mains, in case study questions, i myself did this… explained the situation first,… then listed possible options with thr pros n cons,… n finally chose 1 option as the best n gave justification for it. Is this approach fine?
    Did u use any scientific words of ethics (like teleological, utilitarian, deontological etc) in ur case study answers?


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