UPSC / IAS Preparation Notes: Gaurav Agrawal

Dear friends

As I promised and always intended, I am uploading here all my online notes for various papers of the IAS / UPSC exam. You may find some overlap here and there and some unstructured portions as well, but please forgive me for that. It has been a long journey with a lot of distance to cover so quality may have been compromised in some notes. Anyways, my idea here is to give all I have and help as many as I can in their journeys. Also, if anyone has any doubt or query regarding or whatever and wants to communicate with me, I am open for communication here in comments and also on my email: … If I can inspire and help even anyone of you to their destination, I would believe my purpose would be served. I promise I would reply to each and every single query, though it may take some time.

Gaurav Agrawal.

GS Paper Notes

GS Paper 2 Notes:

GS Paper 3 Notes:

GS Paper 4 Notes:

Social Issues Notes:

S&T Notes:

International Affairs Notes:

Internal Affairs Notes:

India’s Neighbors Affairs Notes:

Environment Notes:

Culture Notes:

Polity Notes:

Geography Notes:

Interview Preparation Notes

History Optional Notes (+ Ancient and Medieval culture part of GS Paper 1 + World History part of GS Paper 1 + Modern India part of GS Paper 1)

World History Notes:

Modern India Notes:

Medieval India Notes:

Ancient India Notes:

Economics Optional Notes (+ GS Paper 3 Economy Part)

Micro Economics Notes:

Macro Economics Notes:

International Economics Notes:

Indian Economy Notes:

Developmental Economy Notes:

PDF Format

Click here to download in pdf format. Thanks to Jaideep Saharan for saving them in pdf and hosting on his google drive.


  1. Thanks Man…Indeed a wonderful effort from u,n u r rightly rewarded. i sincerely hope n wish that u always serve society like this without any favors or prejudices….carry on Brother.


  2. I don’t know how to thank you and i am grateful beyond words. We all know how busy you are and we really appreciate the time and energy you spent to upload these notes. Your generosity meant a lot to us and your guidance and positive attitude will help lot of us here to clear this examination in future. Please accept our sincere gratitude.We will never forget you! All the very best for your career!


  3. congrats gaurav sir…n thank u for sharing ur notes….would u plz tell me which couching is best for prepartion  in delhi….


  4. Bhaiya….how to access these link? Mai jo bhi link pe click kr raha hu wo khul nahi raha ya phir mujhe wo access nahi karne aa raha..plz mujhe btaiye mai kaise aapke notes dekh saku?


  5. hi Superman,
    plz share ur mains marks…

    thanks :)

    i have a doubt..i hav anthro as my optional…do we need to write intro (summary of whole answer) in optional paper? or start the answer straightaway?


  6. Gaurav ji, thanks a lot. You are an inspiration not only by topping the exam but also ur generosity and attitude which all us should try to learn.
    could u please mention reference source for each topic of GS mentioned in the syllabus .
    Also enlighten us how to effectively handle newspaper(s)


  7. thank you soo much gaurav sir.
    they will certainly very helpful for us. Ek No. maal hai.

    all the very best sir ! khelendra (from jaipur)


  8. Thank you so much sir….your generosity and staying true to the words is really appreciated….. you are a real life superman…hats of to your efforts…wish you all the very best for your career…


  9. Congrats and Thank you!!!!. Could you please share your strategy for Economics optional as very limited and outdated info is available on the open forum.


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