UPSC / IAS Preparation Notes: Gaurav Agrawal

Dear friends

As I promised and always intended, I am uploading here all my online notes for various papers of the IAS / UPSC exam. You may find some overlap here and there and some unstructured portions as well, but please forgive me for that. It has been a long journey with a lot of distance to cover so quality may have been compromised in some notes. Anyways, my idea here is to give all I have and help as many as I can in their journeys. Also, if anyone has any doubt or query regarding or whatever and wants to communicate with me, I am open for communication here in comments and also on my email: … If I can inspire and help even anyone of you to their destination, I would believe my purpose would be served. I promise I would reply to each and every single query, though it may take some time.

Gaurav Agrawal.

GS Paper Notes

GS Paper 2 Notes:

GS Paper 3 Notes:

GS Paper 4 Notes:

Social Issues Notes:

S&T Notes:

International Affairs Notes:

Internal Affairs Notes:

India’s Neighbors Affairs Notes:

Environment Notes:

Culture Notes:

Polity Notes:

Geography Notes:

Interview Preparation Notes

History Optional Notes (+ Ancient and Medieval culture part of GS Paper 1 + World History part of GS Paper 1 + Modern India part of GS Paper 1)

World History Notes:

Modern India Notes:

Medieval India Notes:

Ancient India Notes:

Economics Optional Notes (+ GS Paper 3 Economy Part)

Micro Economics Notes:

Macro Economics Notes:

International Economics Notes:

Indian Economy Notes:

Developmental Economy Notes:

PDF Format

Click here to download in pdf format. Thanks to Jaideep Saharan for saving them in pdf and hosting on his google drive.


  1. Could u please let me know how come addition of three odd numbers gives 30? This question was solved only by u as i ave read .


  2. Could u pls tell how can we add three odd numbers to give 30??pls tel me fast I am very curious about it..I have read that this can be solved by only u..


  3. The question must have some flaws. Three odd numbers cant be even. Simply. Request Sir to reply , many of your well wishers want to know the truth. How 30 is divided into three odd members?


  4. sir my name is abhishek verma hai mai auraiya [up] mai rasta hua sir mara sapna ias banna hai thank you sir for notes


  5. There is no mention if you can use sign or not and thus the only possible way to get this is as follows:

    (15 – 9) + (13 – 7) + (7 – 1) + (9 – 1) + (13 – 9)

    If you solve inside the brackets, you will get the following equation
    6 + 6 + 6 + 8 + 4
    Adding all these numbers, you will get 30 which is the required sum.

    so simple guys


  6. sir mera background agriculture field se hai aur jaha tak maine suna hai ki agri. subject scoring nhi hai to mujhe optional subject k liye kaun subject choose karna chahiye… please suggest me.


    • choosing optional mainly based on ur intersted towards the subject soo if u r well at agri then proceed bhaiya


  7. ___ + ___ + ____ = 30
    Fill the boxes using
    (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15)
    U can also repeat the numbers.
    plz tel me how to solve it???


  8. sir I wanna become an IAS officer but sir I wanna also interested in engineering…and I decided to go to a IAS coaching after my be in civil so sir wat should I doo….


    • search for integrated coaching centre for both engineering and civils it is as simple as that ….
      this will satisfy ur interest and passion good luck vaibhav


  9. (11+7)+(5-3)+(9+1)= 30 this is the answer

    it satisfy the 3 blanks nd the digits are used according to the question


  10. after reading your note is it possible to tacle prelims easly bcoz i hv done my all ncert basic book then can u help me in main how to score high with ur notes sir


  11. sir jo aapane notes diye hai vo download kaise kare bataye na plz isaka hame jarur fayada hoga plz sir my whtsup nu 8806914103


  12. Thank u so much sir that you are supporting all the candidates for their upsc exams by giving the ideas & instruction to pass out the exams can u plse tell without coaching classes it is possible to pass the exams if yes than plse reply thank u


  13. Sir myself kartik sharma and i want to prepare for civil services but i had one query that i had flat foot so please tell me for which service am i eligible.also am i eligible for ifos.please give some light on medical test and i am pursuing cs from ggsipu in2 yr. So from which year i had to start ideally preparing for this.i am waiting for ur precious reply.


  14. how can u solved that question that is in one question they given three boxes the sum of three boxes is 30 with the using of three odd numbers how can u solved please sir mail me at #bhoompallyshiva@GMAIL.COM


  15. sir I want to know how prepare ias exam and its pattern.please help coaching wise how prepare these coaching either total course of pre snd main and interview or part time.


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