My UPSC Marks – CSE 2013

Hello friends

Below is the distribution of my marks

Essay: 135 / 250

GS 1: 85 / 250
GS 2: 63 / 250
GS 3: 88 / 250
GS 4: 102 / 250
Total GS: 338 / 1000

Optional (Economics)
Economics 1: 134 / 250
Economics 2: 162 / 250
Total Economics: 296 / 500

Total Written: 769 / 1750

Interview (Dr. Kilemsungla board): 206 / 275

Total: 975 / 2025

Rank 1


Last Year’s Marks

Essay: 82 / 200
GS: 173 / 600
History Optional: 234 / 600
Economics Optional: 280 / 600

Written Total: 769 / 2000

Interview (IMG Khan Board): 210 / 300

Total: 979 / 2300

Rank 244


  1. pranaam Gaurav sir …..heartiest congratulations…………..
    1st query ……………despite attempting “almost” full GS I-IV papers…….the score 338 do u think UPSC examiners are too harsh while evaluating GS papers……………………..or is it some kind of S.O.P. followed by them cut marks marks like vegetables
    2nd query from what source+how did u follow+prepared economy and science tech for current+static?


  2. @ Gaurav Sir..

    Sir i have mailed you recently regarding my personal problem..
    I’m expecting a suggestion from you @ ur convenient time..
    Plz help me come out of my problem/ confusion sir..
    Waiting for your reply..
    Name: Anand
    mail ID:


  3. Hello Gaurav Sir,
    Congratulations for your grand success….!!! :)
    Can you please share your previous year marks too?

    Thanks & Regards,


  4. cogratulation sir !! can u plz mail d details , means hw did u prepare and ofcourse i need d source of ur NOTES plz plz…….


  5. Hi Gaurav,

    That’s an astronomical score in economics. Congrats on that.
    And an awesome reply to the Justice Shiv Kumar’s letter as well.

    I got selected in IIM C but I am thinking of dropping the PGDM course in favor of preparing for the UPSC. I can continue with my PSU job as that will give me more time(as compared to the IIM workload) to prepare.

    You studied at IIM L and later attempted UPSC.

    1)I wanted your advice on this topic :- Is it better to reject the IIM C offer and prepare for UPSC if finally that is my aim(why waste time and energy) ?


    Is it better to get the exposure and peer-learning at IIM and then attempt UPSC ?

    2)Secondly, I am doubtful about my optional. I am leaning towards ‘Management’. I read the course syllabus and also went through the last 10 year’s ‘Management’ optional papers. I feel I can study this subject for a long time without getting bored(even leisurely).

    I know everyone advise about choosing the optional that you have a sincere interest in. However, what is the purpose of choosing an optional when you know that you will lag behind 50-100 marks behind other candidates finally?

    Comparatively,lesser candidates appear for ‘Management’ optional(usually top B-schools students & grads – fierce competition). Keeping in mind the UPSC scaling system, very few candidates(out of already lesser students) will score comparable optional marks(to the the other optional candidates).

    I know that luck also plays some role and there are certain things beyond your control.(as happened with Public Admin students in recent year).

    You said earlier that economics should only be taken if you have prior subject experience.( and you took because it was your strength – so rightfully proved :) )

    Some insights you can give me on this issue?

    3)Thirdly, as stated by a previous poster, can you share your prelims marks and sectionals ? :) Will surely get some more inspiration to study. (y)

    I am banking on Paper-2 to clear the prelims cutoff(185+ consistent scores in last 3 year papers). I need to work hard to improve on the GS(Nemesis – History :( ) to cross the qualifying prelims marks.

    I know I have written a very long doubt comment. I was thinking of mailing you personally. However, witnessing similar doubts from other aspirants I felt it was better to ask you on a common forum so it can benefit others as well.

    Thanks in advance for taking out your time and energy.

    And I really wish,as opposed to what you stated in the editorial reply, that you witness the change in this country during your service tenure.


    • Hi,
      I am one of your IIMC alums, appearing this year for CSE.
      If you are very sure about civil services as a career, go for it and drop the IIM thing. You will not get any time in 1st year to prepare. But the point is not that, doing an MBA closes many options in life. Prepare for upsc and God forbid, if you don’t clear it in next few attempts, you can always write CAT again and clear it.
      The only pitfall I see is that UPSC is very unpredictable examination. Look at Gaurav’s marks and you would know. He attempted everything in GS1 and GS2 and yet such marks. I know of people who have not completed the paper and yet managed to score more than him, I know of a guy who had a rank in all his 3 attempts (100s last year) and yet this year he is not on the list. Nothing to scare you but this is also the reason I am not quitting my current job. Waise I think you are in a better position than most aspirants as you have a PSU job in hand.

      As regards management optional, it can be a very good choice if you can manage to answer almost all questions. I know of 2 guys from FMS who have reached interview this year with management optional and one of them is in top 50.

      So, to summarize it, if you don’t mind putting in 2-3 attempts (worse case scenario), go for it.


    • brother…

      1. yaar its a matter of ur personal priorities.. how can i answer.. u know how bad u want upsc not me. i wanted it bad enuf so i quit my job.

      2. dunno wot to say… it looks like u ve sufficient interest in management.. so go ahead.. wot is keeping u

      3. My Prelims marks

      Paper 1 (GS): 121.34 / 200

      Paper 2 (CAT): 182.50 / 200

      Total: 304 / 400


  6. I had read your answers to the GS questions and found them very good.

    Now if those answers did not fetch high marks in GS, i mean not even 40%, especially paper 2, then I wonder what more is needed to cross the hurdle of 100 in each paper of GS!!

    It Would be helpful if you elaborated on what more should be done to improve one’s score in GS, since it has a high weightage of 1000 marks.

    By the way, congratulations on fantastic marks in your optionals, essay and the feat that you have achieved!! :)


  7. what was your marks attempt vs marks got in different papers of general studies ? If not remember exact marks please give a approx marks.


  8. Sir pls share ur answers for ethics paper….n how to attempt the case studies….n books n notes to folow if any….thnks sir


  9. I just want to ask from where you got those visionias notes from which you have made so many notes, you subscribed for it?


  10. which subject is good as optional political science or law? fully confused kindly give me your suggestion ………and which subject is more scorable and Plz help in this regard and suggest some good coaching centre. I will b highly thankful!

    pls help me gaurav sir !!


  11. bro, after ur success a news struck in my mind which i read in year 2011(not sure though) it was about IIM L’s topper who didnt even sit in campus placement to prepare for IAS , i cant recall his face or name but have this obvious question – was that you ????


  12. Hello brother,
    1stly congratulations. Just finished hearing u interview; was really nice .
    I want to start my preparation for Civil services. Can u please help me out in choosing the correct set of books and other study material for building a strong base.


  13. Sir I m in class 12 cbse and I will prepare for IAS so pls give me suggestion that which subject I can take in mains whether from PCM ,have start reading for it from now pls reply sir


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