Coachings – The Good and The Bad

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are purely personal and may be wrong from someone else’s perspective.

Hi, I am writing this post so that no one gets misguided in my name by the various advertisements being put by the coaching institutes. My aim is just to prevent students from wasting their money n time and tell wot I found good n bad even though some of these coachings may become unhappy with me.

1. Vajiram classroom coaching: I joined their classroom coaching in 2012 but found it to be an utter waste of my time. So left it within a couple of weeks and never went again. What they taught could be studies by self in less than half the time.

2. Baliyan’s Insight classroom coaching: This was the only classroom coaching I found good and upto standards. I also liked his approach. I joined history optional coaching there.

3. Lalwani’s Axiom for Economics: Again an utter waste of time and money. He doesn’t teach more than half the things n wotever is taught is mostly lacking needed depth. I used to go to the classes only coz I had baliyan’s class after him n coz I travelled from Gurgaon to Delhi for the classes.

4. Sriram classroom: total waste… Attended 3-4 lectures only. His printed notes are good.

5. Vajiram interview: Liked the one on one sitting with raveendran sir and their panels last year. But this year their panel was very bad with some arrogant former IFS officer at head.

6. Samkalp interview: Good panels. Took 2 mocks.

7. Chanakya interview: Very good panel. They made me realise what areas to focus on this year. Many of their questions were asked in actual interview in sone form or other.

8. Vision Ias test series: I joined test series for GS n Essay and found them very good. They conduct the test series professionally n their notes are good too. 1 ques I could answer only by studying from their notes.

9. Synergy test series: I joined only test series. It is good and feedback professional but unka staff bhaav bahut khata hai and is uncooperative with students.

10. Sri Chaitanya interviews: good panel and good mock.

11. HYDERABAD study Circle: I joined mock interview and was a very good n professional experience.


217 Replies to “Coachings – The Good and The Bad”

  1. It all depends on your personal experience. I think coaching streamlines your preparation and help you in qualifying the examination. I have taken coaching for civil service examination from Vajiram and Ravi and indeed it is the best coaching institute for civil service examination. The coaching institute is backed by a highly experienced faculty, excellent study material, and infrastructure.
    The questions in the test series are designed according to the latest syllabus set by the UPSC. So joining coaching institute is essential for the preparation of civil service examination as it always guides you to perform better in the test.


  2. i also dont prefer coaching but without it , how to know what to study , from where to study, this is the main problem where coaching is needed only, if any one has the ideas else plz tell


  3. Now module wise coachings have come. You can chose the best teachers and learn from them. For history- S Baliyan module, Geography- Sharad mani thakur’s module, polity, ir- m puri module, ethics- synergy economy- ramesh singh or abani sir of kalinga ias. these are the best teachers providing module wise coachings.


  4. I joined Vajiram and Ravi on the 15th of June 2017. I was a fool to not research about the number of people they stuff in one room. I am claustrophobic and hence had to leave the coaching. I have attended very few classes, some teachers were okay and some were absolutely pathetic. One day a teacher comes in and asks whether this is his first or second lecture because he forgot that it’s his second and had prepared the 1st lecture so he just didn’t teach anything. So, you stand in line for one hour or maybe more than that to attend 2.5 hours class just for this!
    And yes, you have to come and stand in line one hour before the coaching starts because there are more than 450 people in one class. The administration of Vajiram has no etiquettes and is probably not aware of certain terms in dictionary called ‘normal social behaviour’ and ‘humanity’. It is just an insane group of people minting money. The people there are very very rude, even the security guards talk to you in a completely in appropriate fashion. This is not why people pay them.
    It has just become a brand just because some people have cleared it have taken certain coaching from there. Extreme level of commercialisation.
    I remember one teacher who was teaching us the difference between Marxism and Maoist ideas and guess what, according to him Marx said that the revolution will always be peaceful. What a joke!
    People who are mostly from science background and who have no idea about humanities get fooled easily.
    There are teachers who will just waste time cracking insignificant jokes, sometimes highly sexiest. Unfortunately, the class enjoys such jokes. One teacher was giving an example to a guy that how there are so many menakas jo apki tapasya bhang kar dengi. He said it’s metaphorical. I would say it’s highly stupid of that teacher to crack such insignificant jokes and talk about all this in a class which is so suffocating.
    They have kept seats even in the corners of the room from where the board is not at all visible. They have adjusted more than 100 students in the corner seats.
    There are many more things I can point out about the coaching but I think this is enough for a person to understand the condition of Vajiram.
    Advice – don’t fall in the trap. Do your good research and only then opt for something like this because your hard earned money will be at stake. They will deduct huge sum of money even if you withdraw in 10 days or 14 days which is max.


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