UPSC / IAS Preparation: Detailed Response to Mrunal by Gaurav Agrawal

Mrunal ( emailed me a detailed questionnaire on UPSC preparation. Many aspects I had not covered in my earlier posts which may be useful to the interested aspirants. So posting my reply to him here in the form of this pdf.

Click here to download the pdf file.


72 thoughts on “UPSC / IAS Preparation: Detailed Response to Mrunal by Gaurav Agrawal”

  1. Sir , you help each and everyone …. ek help hum hindi medium student ki bhi kar dijiye …. Pol Sc & IR optional ki koi achi faculty hindi medium me available nahi hai … but hum kuch students ki request par Subhra ranjan Mam (well known faculty at Vajiram & Ravi) is planning to start a separate batch for Hindi Medium ….but it requires a substantial number of students to commence a batch …..

    so aapse request hai ki aap is regarding FB pe ek post dal dijiye ….taki maximum students tak yeh information pahuch sake …. it is not like an advertisement sir…

    we students will always be grateful to you….

      1. I am in delhi and I saw three coaching institutes put up your name as their student. I am a candidate for IAS 2015, but I feel negative about the hugely populated (400 per batch) coaching centres here. How important role do they play in IAS exam ??

      2. Hello sir

        I am surya kiran jaiswal . btech first year student. You are great inspiration for me. I saw all your interviws on the you tube. I have keen inspiration to become an IAS. So i want to join you. YOU are great inspiratoinal and motivational source for me.
        so please give me some valuable suggestion for how i start our preparation.
        thanking you.

        your sincerely
        surya kiran jaiswal

        sir please reple me as for as soon possible for you.

  2. Sir can u please tell us something about these voluminous reports:-
    1. Which ones are really important?
    2. Should be read cover to cover or just synopsis from somewhere?
    3. If these are to be read completely how to manage it?

  3. sir plz solve a few micro-doubts of mine.
    1)did u underline ur mains answers..if yes with what blue or black pen?simultaneisyly/after completing the answer/after completing entire paper?
    2)in prelims did u mark on omr immediately after solving the question/after solving all questions and first marking them on question paper?/any other strategy?
    3)in prelims aptitude paper2,did u attempt all englsih first,then all maths or vice-versa or each question as it came along.
    4)did u stop reading newspapers for 1-2 months before prelims(maybe in first attempt?)…or atleast restrict it’s time/background analysis etc…can these 2 months be made up through a good magazine covering all issues for these 2 months only..and reading it after prelims?same for mains..2 months before mains can it skipped and then after mains covering them for interview?
    Thanks sir
    //if this is re-sent,apologies sir,don’t know whether wordpress just accepted my comment or not.//

    1. forgot to ask…did u employ any time-management straegy in 8-9 questions each hour..or 4-5 per half-hour or 7 minutes per question(including underlining etc if doing)..or u didn’t bother about it at all and went with the flow.

  4. just curious: why gel pen sir? what made you come to this conclusion.
    and thanks for responding to all queries however irrelevant they may be. You have answered them perfectly.

  5. First of all congratulations Sir for your great success in CSE 2013.
    I want to know where do u used to live in delhi while preparing and how did u manage ur time while going to various coachings(though for trial purpose only) as it require a lot of travelling.
    How much time did u devote to ur studies on a daily basis after coaching?

  6. Sir what strategy one should follow for prelims-GS ? I have read your blog but most of the posts are about mains optionals . Can u please guide me . Thanks in Advance

  7. Dear sir ,
    thanks for your such a informative guidance and information i realy appreciate your effort to help poor guy like me .
    i am also like you who is working out side INDIA (before preparation ) since 7 years. your success give me confidence and motivation which i required to plug this exam
    i want to come back INDIA in Dec-14 After quit my job now i need some more basic guidance from you. as i asked below hope you reply as soon as possible.\
    which coaching/tuition can i opt for GS from JAN whats would be your advise and where to stay in delhi . what precaution and measure you took for staying in Delhi ?

      1. ok thanks

        wat abt accomodation and staying any thing to keep in mind if u hav any suggestion plz let me know

  8. Sir prelims ke liye thodi guidance de do…is time par koi new topic like budget/eco survey padhna theek rahega ki nahi or current affairs kis month se kis month tak prepare karein ?

  9. Sir, i don’t have access to Delhi coaching notes, so in this light can you please guide what will be sufficient and most productive source for GS-4, I have downloaded your notes for the same as well, this is my first attempt,have never read ethics and related stuff before,till now was involved in prelims level studies only.

      1. ok sir i will do the needful…pre k baad if all goes right will go to delhi and bring all notes…
        Thank you :)

  10. hello sir, Please guide me how to read online the hindu? when i click on “today,s news paper” there are lot of things in that. it is taking huge time. Where do i get pdf of northern region.

    1. Hello sir . Iam first year engineering student and want to become a civil servant. I want to prepare for upsc from today only . sir my question to you is that from where i should start and how ? I don’t want to join any coaching . could you please send me notes or questions for prepraing for preliums. please also suggest me some must books for upsc prelium exam. your faithfully prasanna.

  11. hi sir if possible can you say some tips in making Google alerts and also if time permits share with us some other technology using methods to add quality to preparation which you may know
    thanks in advance

  12. Hi, gaurav sir. Firstly congrats to u for hvng a great achievement in ur life..
    I am a economics graduate n pursuing m.a…my question is regarding states dat iff govt. Fails to check inflation it will raise corporate n inc. query s “wy govt. will raise tax at d time of inflation; knowingly dat it wl be more burden on the ppl.”?

  13. i hv 2 ques.gaurav sir..hindi medium se upsc CSE dena n widout delhi coaching notes preparation karna ..only jpr coaching n their notes n self study se success mil sakti h??..ur ans.ll be really helpful.

  14. Hello sir i know you are busy but can you starta cooperative learning platform like pagalguy. As you now have acess to many seniors so they can once in a while guide people and we can have threads where topics, qns, issues etc including optionals cab discussed. At least we will have reliability on the source of advice. It will be appreciated sir. Thanks

  15. congrats sir, may u please find someone from mechanical engineering background for tips …will be highly oblighed.

  16. Hello.. congratulation sir..
    I Have completed my BTech computer engg.. last yr Spend my whole yr for GATE preparation .. but got very bad score in gate2014.. my final destinatio is IAS but want to do MTech from IIT, for that again i want to prepare whole yr n next 2 yr for MTech n after that study for UPSC.. n still in confusion so want can i do sir.. after spending 3 yr go to UPSC study or direct start Upsc from this yr.. if complete my MTech form IIT , is their any impact on upsc exam? is higher qualification matters in UPSC exam? plz guide me …..

  17. now this time i am stdy in tiss for ba social science and my is also crac ias so mujhe koi guide line nai kata jitni jaan ta hun utni clasa ke baad usi pe padhai karta hoon so u help me all thig about this

  18. I hav studied ncert books as basic books for nearly 2years and I m in 3rd year of maths hons what shuld be my next step. I live at rohtak close to delhi.

  19. hi , sir ! Congos for your success
    At first i decided to join in vajiram and ravi coaching center in oct batch , After reading your blog i gain some confidence though i’m having very big conflict in mind whether coaching is useful or not ??? i’m really poor at gs and i don’t have at-least basic idea in that and i’m from engg background …… @!!!! help me ????

  20. am so blessed to knw abt dis blog now
    its vry helpful 4 my xam thank u sir
    congratulations sir .
    ..thank u 4 giving data n sharing expirments n experiences n helping many aspirants …..

  21. Sir, I wanted to ask you about this answer of yours:
    Which notes to get access to for GS 4?

    JULY 22, 2014 AT 1:43 AM
    Sir, i don’t have access to Delhi coaching notes, so in this light can you please guide what will be sufficient and most productive source for GS-4, I have downloaded your notes for the same as well, this is my first attempt,have never read ethics and related stuff before,till now was involved in prelims level studies only.

    JULY 25, 2014 AT 12:17 PM
    Yaar access to karni padegi.. Kaise kaam chalega varna]

  22. Hi..sir…

    UPSC exam dene k liye B.COM me kitane percentage chahiye…

    How many percentage are required for UPSC exam….

    Please…please…. Please… Replay me…..

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