Political Science Optional Preparation – by IAS Himanshu Aggarwal (AIR 28, cse 2013)

Friends, below is the post on political science preparation by Himanshu Aggarwal (AIR 28, cse 2013) – the most charming person of our batch :-) He has medical background, yet scored very well. He can be reached on https://www.facebook.com/himanshu.aggarwal.16940 . I am merely hosting his post, the entire content is his.




9 Replies to “Political Science Optional Preparation – by IAS Himanshu Aggarwal (AIR 28, cse 2013)”

  1. Happy B’day and Happy Independence Day Gaurav Ji.

    Gaurav Ji – I want to make a simple request.
    In your blog you used to write about various aspects of your thought apart from the UPSC. Since your blog has crossed more than 8.5 lacks hit and around 10k follower.

    I wish that you keep updating about your thoughts/work.
    You are an inspiration to many. I am sure many can be inspired by your thoughts whether they clear UPSC or not. At the end of the day they could turn into a good human being.
    I hope to cross our path somewhere in the future.

    One of your follower


  2. Sir I don’t know whether u will reply or not but my Que. Is
    I m aspirant preparing in Hindi medium I can’t join coaching . Pls tell me books for preparing public administration as optional paper n what is the difference in the course of political science n public administration
    Pls reply


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