Physics, Ethics and Interview – by IAS Manish Bansal (AIR 53, cse 2013)

IAS Manish Bansal (AIR 53, cse 2013) shares his approach on Physics optional, ethics paper and Interview here… He got 258 marks in Physics, clearly entitling him for the title of Feynman of the batch :-P. In addition, he scored an outstanding 100 marks in the ethics paper and 198 in the interview. So presenting below his thoughts on the above mentioned subjects.

He may be reached at


Manish on Physics

Manish on Ethics

Manish on Interview



  1. Hi,
    A heartiest congratulation on your triumphannt feet.I am a 3rd year student from IIT Kanpur, EE with a strong desire and determination to join the civil services,giving my best, preferably at the end of 4 years.
    How should I go on,given I find myself comfortable with the basic concepts?

    How important are the internships/ projects / summers?

    Also, how should answer writing in mains be done? Large no of points without explanations or limited points(4-5) with suitable analysis


  2. Gaurav sir..
    Any of ur friends with Anthropology optional..
    could you plz request them to share their strategy, if possible..??
    Thanks sir


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