UPSC Prelims 2014 CSAT Paper 2 Answer Key

This is the answer key for Set B.

Friends, each year, after the exam, there is a substantial confusion regarding answer keys – various answer keys don’t match and students are left in confusion. So this year, me and Prem Ranjan ji (IAS rank 62, cse 2013) ( ) have tried to come up with the following key after doing as much internet research as we could. Still there might be some grey areas and we are open for discussing these.


My personal opinion on the paper, passages I found it substantially tougher than last year.


Disclaimer: There is no guarantee for accuracy.


Himalayan Passage

Q 1.                     (a)

Para 2 says possible loss of genetic species. Extinction of ecosystems is nowhere talked. Only decrease in ecosystem services is talked about.


Q 2.                    (d)

Last paragraph tells us the need for …


Q 3.                     (c)

This is the main message of the passage covered throughout (except last para).


Q 4.                    (b)

Extinction of ecosystems is nowhere talked. Only decrease in ecosystem services is talked about.    


Globalization Passage


Q 5.                    (a)

Obvious from the passage.


Q 6.                    (c)


Q 7.                    (c)


Q 8.                    (b)


Graph based questions 9, 10, 11, 12


Q 9                    (b)


Q 10                    (c)


Q 11                    (d)


Q 12                    (b)


Q 13    2 students marks table        (d)


Q 14    figure contained in other    (c)


Q 15    9 square with arrows        (b)


Q 16    population and income        (c)


Q 17    9 squares and a number    (b)


Q 18    circles and triangles in 9 squares    (a)


Q 19    routes from S to T        (d)


Q 20    half darkened circles in figures    (b)


Q 21    bell rings every 18 mins        (b)


Q 22    Price and value            (d)


Q 23    A & B from X to Y        (c)


Q 24    loan from bank            (c)


Q 25    worker and factory        (c)

d/5 = (x + 3)/60. 12d = x + 3                

d/6 = (x – 7)/60. 10d = x – 7. Solving these 2 equations, 2d = 10. D = 5 km.


Q 26    liberty and government    (a)


Inclusive Growth Passage


Q 27.                    (c)


Q 28.                    (c)

He is throughout saying growth is important and also inclusion.


Q 29.                    (d)


Petrol Pricing Passage


Q 30.                    (b)

2 and 3 are clearly talked about in the passage. 1 could be true, but there is no option 1, 2 & 3.


Q 31.                    (a)

1 is clearly correct. 3 and 4 are clearly wrong. So only option left is 1 & 2.


Q 32    5 persons fire bullet        (b)


Q 33    630 students and rows        (d)


Let it be 3. Means 3x + 9 = 630. Means 3x = 621. Possible as it is divisible by 3.

Let it be 4. Means 4x + 18 = 630. Means 4x = 612. Possible.

Let it be 5. Means 5x + 30 = 630. Possible.

Let it be 6. Means 6x + 45 = 630. 6x = 585. Not possible,


Q 34    7 persons on a ladder        (c)


Q 35    A is taller than B        (c)


Q 36    6 villages ABCDEF        (b)


Q 37    4 children sitting in a row    (b)

D A B C is the sequence


Q 38    hour and minute hand of clock        (c)


Q 39 – 44    English Questions, not to be attempted.    


Q 45.    3rd day Monday        (c)

3rd Monday means 10th Monday, 17th Monday. 18 is Tuesday, 19 is wed, 20 is thur, 21 is Friday. 1st day from 21 is Sat, 2nd day is Sun, 3rd day is Mon, 4th day is Tue, 5th day is Wed.


Q 46.    Charity show             (c)

Total sold = 420.

Sold at Rs. 5 = 210. Total money = 210 * 5 = 1050.

Sold at Rs 3 = 140. Total money = 140 * 3 = 420.

Sold at Rs 2 = 420 – 210 – 140 = 70. Total money = 70 * 2 = 140.

Total money = 1050 + 420 + 140 = 1610.


Q 47, 48, 49.

A (male, engg) husband of D(steno). 1st generartion.

B (Judge, son of A, D) husband of C(female, lawyer). 2nd generation.

F(draughtsman) brother of E (unmarried, doctor). 3rd generation.


Q 47.    ABCDEF passage        (a)

Q 48    ABCDEF passage        (c)    

Q 49    ABCDEF passage        (b)


Capitalism Passage

Q 50.                    (a)

Both a and c are correct, but a is more correct.


Q 51.                    (d)                

The ideological bias is that free markets are fair and competent. But the passage criticizes this bias and so implies that free markets are neither fair, nor competent.


Q 52                    (c)

2 and 3 tell us meaning of this assumption but the passage criticizes this assumption.


Public Sector Units Passage


Q 53.                    (c)

From 1st para, 2, 3, 4 are correct. 1 is nowhere clearly implied from the passage.


Q 54.                    (b)


Q 55.                    (c)


Q 56.                    (a)


Q 57.    Poets and questions         (b)

A = med

B = med

C = med

D = med

E = mod

F = mod

G = mod

H = mod

Modern alternate years. H like G. F like E. Paper setter likes F, so likes E. Last year paper had A, so this year modern must be asked. Among modern, paper setter likes E. So E has higher chance.


Q 58.    6 women            (d)

Total 6. 4 dancers, 4 vocal, 1 actress, 3 violin.

Girija = violin

Vanaja = violin, vocal

Jalaja = no violin, vocal

Shailja = no violin, dancer, vocal

Tanuja = dancer, vocal, violin (2 of them are also violin)

Pooja = actress


Q 59.    PQRST…             (d)

P = 4, T = 4 + 5 = 9, N = 9 – 3 = 6,


Q 60.    Army vs civilians        (c)

Quality of life is high in army that is why death rate is lower.


Q 61.    Buses, Trucks, Cars        (d)

Buses > Cars

Trucks < Buses

None of the given 3 options can be inferred from the passage.


Q 62.    Military passage        (b)

Clear from the 1st line itself.


Q 63.    Alok, Bhupesh            (a)

Alok + Bhupesh = Chander + Dinesh

Alok > Bhupesh

Dinesh = 2 Chander

Alok = Dinesh + 5

Clearly, Alok has highest.


Q 64.    George attending classes    (d)


Monday = Music

Tues = Sports

Wed = Maths

Thus = History

Friday = not Lit,


Q 65.    A 11th from left        (c)


10 people, A, x people, B, 9 people.

10 people, B, x people, A, 9 people. 10 + 1 + x = 17. X = 6. Total people other than A and B = 10 + 6 + 9 = 25.    


Q 66.    B is north of A        (b)


A    C

This is Pythagoras theorem. BC2 = AB2 + AC2 = 52 + 122 =25 + 144 = 169. So BC = 13.    


Q 67.    Cars meting        (a)

Total distance = 160 km. Total speed = 50 + 30 = 80 km. So they will meet after 160 / 80 = 2 hours. So time of meet = 10:10 AM



Climate Change and Agriculture Passage


Q 68.                    (a)


Q 69                    (c)


Green House Gases Passage


Q 70                    (c)


Q 71                    (a)

A is correct as is mentioned in the 1st para. Same para also tells us that availability of alternate resources is not a problem, specially for India. So 3 is wrong. Considering the options which have 1 but not 3, only option left is (a).


Q 72                    (b)


Q 73                    (d)

Both paragraphs majorly talk about how lifestyles need to be changed. This is the message of the passage.


Q 74.     Nursery class            (d)

Total Eng + Total Hindi – Both Eng and Hindi = 50

Total Eng = 21, Both Eng and Hindi = 10. So total Hindi = 50 + 10 – 21 = 39. Hindi only = Total Hindi – Both Hindi and Eng = 39 – 10 = 29. Similarly, only English = 21 – 10 = 11. So our ans (d)



Q 75.    Area of rectangle        (b)


New length = 1.4l

New width = 0.8w

New area = 1.4 * 0.8 lw = 1.12 lw. So area increases by 12%, b is correct.


Q 76.     ABCDEF books            (b)


A    Yl    New    Law

B    Gr    New    Law

C    Gr    Old    Law

D    Yl    New    Med

E    Gr    Old    Med

F    Gr    Old    Med


Q 77.    36 cm line            (b)

2 pts at 1, 35 cm

Next 2 pts at 3, 33 cm

Next 2 pts at 6, 30 cm

Next 2 pts at 10, 26 cm

Next 2 pts at 15, 21 cm

Next pt at 15, 21 cm so not counted.

Next pt at 28, 8 cm.

Next pt at 0, 36 cm so not counted.

Thus total 12 points.


Q 78.     Selling goats            (c)

Let cost of 1st goat be Rs. 100. Then its selling price = 110 = selling price of goat 2. But he suffers loss of 10% on goat 2 which means cost of goat 2 = 110/.9 = 122.22

Total cost = 222.22, total selling price = 220. Means loss of ~1%.


Q 79.    Guitar, violin, flute        (b)

Guitar alone + flute alone + violin alone + any 2 + all 3 = 120

All 3 = 6

Any 2 = 30

Guitar alone = 40

So flute alone + violin alone = 120 – 76 = 44


Q 80.    Turning cards upside down    (a)


308 Replies to “UPSC Prelims 2014 CSAT Paper 2 Answer Key”

  1. question 80… turn 4 cards.. then turn 1 unturnedcard along with 3 already turned cards.. 4 cards left which need turning turn them.. done. 3 is the answer, i didnt get it in the exam hall.. my mother and my sister got it in 2 seconds at home.


  2. Sorry, wrong post. But mains curreng affairs ke liye, do we have monthwise, or some integrated notes that have to be done. Eg, vision ka month wise ya end mein kuch comprehensive compkled karna hai??


  3. Sir, plz see, it’s about the last question… #80
    after step I: four 2s and two 1s will be there..
    Step II: turn 3 of the 2s and one 1
    (now we’ve four 1s and two 2s)
    Step III: Turn all 1s, obviously ;) )


  4. sir can you confirm me ASAP whether 185 marks in General category will be safe or not
    I am getting around 180+ General category ..any chance for me ….please somebody suggest what I should do ..wait for some genuine answer key ..or expected genuine cutoff….or focus on mains …or start for prelims 2015


      1. Hello Sir,
        Please tell me from what sources should I study apart from basic books like NCERTs,laxmikanth,ramesh singh etc.
        Most of the questions made me sick :(
        I am feeling strange. :-/

        Thank You


      2. In the military passage Q 62, don’t you think these two are heterogenous groups? The children, women and elderly are obviously not included in military group plus the military recruits physically fit people only so disabled and sick people are also left out.


        1. I can civilians and military be compared! Even Just looking at the demographic percentage of population and conditions of life…there is no comparison.


    1. In the military passage Q 62, don’t you think these two are heterogenous groups? The children, women and elderly are obviously not included in military group plus the military recruits physically fit people only so disabled and sick people are also left out.


        1. option a is certainly not an inference which can be drawn.
          option c- that wud be a valid assumption based on knowledge extraneous to that given in the is a heuristic to solve a question of RC based on information from the passage only. also, quality of life can mean different things to different people. so this option does not seem the best option
          option d- comparisons can certainly be made between any 2 things, how accurate or effective or relevant that comparison is is a different matter altogether. heterogeneity does not impede a comparison, just its effectiveness
          option b- fortuitous means a lucky coincidence, which seems most appropriate.
          my answer in the exam was option b.


  5. Sir, I found th. first paper tough. The reference given in ur answers are from the net. Was it possible to answer the questions just from the basic books referred by you like the ncerts, dd basu, laxmikant etc. ?


  6. sir,
    the solutions given by you for paper 1 shows the references from the web. i wanted to know that were the answers for most of the present in the basic books referred by you and every other aspirant like, basu, laxmikant, ncerts etc.?
    please do reply


  7. Sir firstly thanx for ur guidance.. In globalization passage ques 6 it is explicitly given … Basic philosophy of globalization emphasizes absolute freedom to determine prices and production… Further regarding employment it says removal of restriction not absolute freedom.. So i think ans should be A… Pl clarify


    1. No you must not start preparing for mains. It could be injurious to your brain. You better watch TV or spend your time on internet. That would help you regenerate your damaged brain cells.


      1. Well Rahul, I always fail to understand, why use cynical language and make mockery of even the most obvious questions. This reply tells something about the person replying and whatever it tells is not good..


  8. Sir, I have a couple of doubts.
    Regarding Q-72 the passage in no way implies that energy requirement is reduced, it only talks of better energy security in the last line, also I fail to understand how mitigating greenhouse gas reduces energy requirement.

    Also in Q-61, why option (b) is wrong, I mean in Q-60, you inferred better quality of life but in this similar question you haven’t drawn a conclusion??
    Please help.
    And thank you for this wonderful work, it’s much appreciated. Thank you.


  9. Sir, In question 58 (D) . according to you ” The ideological bias is that free markets are fair and competent. But the passage criticizes this bias and so implies that free markets are neither fair, nor competent.”…..But in original question there is no option as such. The aforesaid option is given as “free market is neither competent nor BIASED ” …since, it is the BIASED,which is obvious in the passage, I think correct option should be (B). Because in first para the mood of passage is that capitalism has some positive but not fair impacts so in my opinion it should be “free market is not fair but competent.


    1. The passage mentions that free markets are not fair. But entire passage has undertone of a single favourable point that there us competition.


    1. Yes Gaurav Sir, I also think that Answer is D.

      You have probably solved by this trick:
      29 = (13 + 18) – 2
      33 = (“15” + 19) – 1
      30 = (27 + 3) – 0
      But here you have assumed a relationship ALONG COLUMNS (-2, -1, -0) also. Question explicitly mentions …rows.

      Even if such technicalities are not considered,
      {SUM of Row Elements = 60} seems better.


    2. Below logic is giving 14 as answer.
      Every number can be written in the format: 3X+A and for any row X= Y+Z and A+B+C=0
      29= 3*10 – 1; 13=3*4 +1; 18= 3*(10-4) + (0-(-1+1))
      30=3*10 +0; 27= 3*9 +0; 3= 3*(10-9) +(0-(0+0))
      33= 3*11 +0; 14= 3*5 -1; 19= 3*(11-5) +(0-(0-1))


        1. the underlying assumption for ‘answer 7’ is that all of them fired together at 504-th second, which means they would have started firing together simultaneously. Had they not started firing simultaneously, it would not be possible to fire together at 504-th second.


  10. Question 17:

    29 13 18
    33 x 19
    30 27 3

    If the logic applied from the bottom most row:

    30 – 3 + (0) = 27
    33 -19 +(1) = 15
    29 -18 +(2) = 13

    So I feel both 15 and 8 can be obtained for this question.


  11. q.17 can be…
    3+27=30- (0)=30

    the pattern…subtract 2,1,0 respectively from the sum of col 2 and col 3 in rows 1,2,3 respectively.


    1. i got 62+121= 183 gen cat…there is zero chance for mains below 200 (i think so) better to start preparation seriously, people who got less than 100 in gs1, cant even attempt mains question (even wrongly). if i m wrong plz correct me.


      1. Rahul gandhi ur awesome, tum kapil sharma se bhi aage nikal jaoge magr tum yaha kya kar rahe ho, coz maine tumare mrunal ke yaha bhi comments dekhe u make me laugh.


  12. In 51 question…the 4 th option is not ‘neither fair nor competent’ but ‘neither fair nor biased’ please correct….i think answer is “c”


    1. I agree with you. Answer must be “c”. Acc to author free markets are not fair and they are biased. So it cannot be “d”. This passage took awful lot of time due to close options.


  13. Gaurav,

    Great work on the key, and thanks. Been a big help!

    I disagree on q.51 (capitalism passage). The passage clearly makes out capitalism and free markets as being biased, so choice (d) ought to be ruled out, shouldn’t it? It claims the free market is not fair, but we are also working under the assumption that it obviously works and is therefore competent. So it should be (b), IMHO.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!


    1. There is a lot of variation in answer of different sources, you should consider them as indicators and not final. No idea what UPSC answers are going to be :/


  14. hi guys,
    my score 110+/-2 paper 1 and 70 in paper 2 general category :-(
    I know that its need less to ask but to my satisfaction any chances for me??????

    One more doubt regarding the total marks(removal of compherension questions), will it effect the cutoff as well ???


    1. It should, last year cut off was 247/400. In my opinion the non translated English passages are super easy for any serious aspirant. So the cut off should drop by 15 marks straight away. Since, Gaurav sir has said that paper 1 this year is tough compared to last year and according to me, paper 2 is tough compared to last year too ! (i got 99.2 percentile in CAT last year).

      I am expecting the cut-off to be around 210 to 220 out of 385.

      I am no expert of course and we all can only speculate at this point. If your score is coming around 210, there is still hope :)


      1. thanks for the comment buddy.

        I overlooked paper II as paper i was always my concern :-) so concentrated most on ecology/climate change etc + polity + ancient and modern history only.

        As expected the paper was according to my expectation and preperation, however i did some unacceptable blunders in paper II due to which my score is extremely low


    2. I am not an IAS aspirant but came across this blog; very sad to see the smart students like you having to desperately look for answers to boost the confidence. I would suggest to stay close to your family in such times. And do not put all your hopes in one thing; keep another option open to be on safer sides.

      Sad to see the Indian Government being so negligent to the potential of millions of their intelligent and awesome students. Any other country would die to have smart students like yourself.


    1. No…u dont have any chance…

      Coz mamma ne bola hai ki tu pm nhi ban paya par IAS jariir banega…

      So u go nd join politics…IAS to keval main hi banunga..


  15. Sir I am not satisfied with 2 of your answers. I might be wrong. In the question of 36 cm line, I think the answer would be 10. And in the profit and loss question of selling 2 goats, I think the answer would be 1% profit.. I am still a rookie in comparison to you in this field but if you please clarify me I would be obliged.. Thank you!


    1. try to calculate cost price for both cases independently….taking selling price same(say x)…….then do total sp-totalcp=profit(loss if -ve)
      then divide by total cp
      and then multiply by 100

      or simply there is a shortcut for such cases =x^2/100 loss


  16. Gaurav sir, kindly throw some light on expected cut offs. even wild guess will be good enough for those who presume that they r on the borderline.


  17. Thanks to Gaurav and Prem for the efforts…
    A few doubts in your answer keys though:
    Q1: Himalayan ecosystem passage: “permanent” disappearance of flora and fauna is neither mentioned nor implied, shouldn’t the first statement also be incorrect? So answer should be (d).
    Pls clarify the logic for solving the number array problem.

    I also think one should appreciate the efforts of these two and don’t burden these awesome twosome with irrelevant and inconsequential questions on cut offs…


    1. i too agree with u buddy. as both these thingz are not mentioned in the passage so answer should be option d.

      sir plz explain the logic behind giving answer as option a.


  18. Q:57 on poets
    since the choice should be from modern it is f,e,h or g…but it is given that he doesn’t like to ask abut F but likes him and also those who like F also like E..thereby he doesn’t like to ask about E as well…hence i think the choice should be b/n G or H…H is in the options.


  19. I want to know how people could attempt >50 questions. With my 31 year-old mind , I couldn’t even touch 50 and that too after rushing in the last 15 mins….I just cant understand where I spent the time.
    Is it a matter of practice or is it age?


    1. Hi Kashif, its nothing related to age

      Practice makes it all(provided u know the tricks to solve the arthamatic part). This was my last attempt and have done good in paper l but lost due to paper ll.

      A planned strategy is needed to mannage the time u spend on each question :-) i would recommend solving the short passages first and then the basic arthamatic and at last the long passages whicb will lead u to answer atleast 50 questions.

      Its just my openion :-) all the best


      1. So Paper-2 did you in, hard luck! Though you say it’s not about age,I can’t help remarking that you too are in the 30+ bracket….Cognitive faculties do deteriorate with age…


    2. My heavenly 96 year old grand mother solved this scoring 170+.
      And as you know how evil she is in emergency times. She simply nailed it in last 15 minutes.
      I recommend you to follow Baba Ramdev, and stay young forever.


  20. Gaurav..urge u to reconsider 51st answer..the last option is ‘free market is neither fair nor BIASED’…n not ‘free market is neither fair nor competent’…


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