UPSC Prelims 2014 CSAT Paper 2 Answer Key

This is the answer key for Set B.

Friends, each year, after the exam, there is a substantial confusion regarding answer keys – various answer keys don’t match and students are left in confusion. So this year, me and Prem Ranjan ji (IAS rank 62, cse 2013) ( ) have tried to come up with the following key after doing as much internet research as we could. Still there might be some grey areas and we are open for discussing these.


My personal opinion on the paper, passages I found it substantially tougher than last year.


Disclaimer: There is no guarantee for accuracy.


Himalayan Passage

Q 1.                     (a)

Para 2 says possible loss of genetic species. Extinction of ecosystems is nowhere talked. Only decrease in ecosystem services is talked about.


Q 2.                    (d)

Last paragraph tells us the need for …


Q 3.                     (c)

This is the main message of the passage covered throughout (except last para).


Q 4.                    (b)

Extinction of ecosystems is nowhere talked. Only decrease in ecosystem services is talked about.    


Globalization Passage


Q 5.                    (a)

Obvious from the passage.


Q 6.                    (c)


Q 7.                    (c)


Q 8.                    (b)


Graph based questions 9, 10, 11, 12


Q 9                    (b)


Q 10                    (c)


Q 11                    (d)


Q 12                    (b)


Q 13    2 students marks table        (d)


Q 14    figure contained in other    (c)


Q 15    9 square with arrows        (b)


Q 16    population and income        (c)


Q 17    9 squares and a number    (b)


Q 18    circles and triangles in 9 squares    (a)


Q 19    routes from S to T        (d)


Q 20    half darkened circles in figures    (b)


Q 21    bell rings every 18 mins        (b)


Q 22    Price and value            (d)


Q 23    A & B from X to Y        (c)


Q 24    loan from bank            (c)


Q 25    worker and factory        (c)

d/5 = (x + 3)/60. 12d = x + 3                

d/6 = (x – 7)/60. 10d = x – 7. Solving these 2 equations, 2d = 10. D = 5 km.


Q 26    liberty and government    (a)


Inclusive Growth Passage


Q 27.                    (c)


Q 28.                    (c)

He is throughout saying growth is important and also inclusion.


Q 29.                    (d)


Petrol Pricing Passage


Q 30.                    (b)

2 and 3 are clearly talked about in the passage. 1 could be true, but there is no option 1, 2 & 3.


Q 31.                    (a)

1 is clearly correct. 3 and 4 are clearly wrong. So only option left is 1 & 2.


Q 32    5 persons fire bullet        (b)


Q 33    630 students and rows        (d)


Let it be 3. Means 3x + 9 = 630. Means 3x = 621. Possible as it is divisible by 3.

Let it be 4. Means 4x + 18 = 630. Means 4x = 612. Possible.

Let it be 5. Means 5x + 30 = 630. Possible.

Let it be 6. Means 6x + 45 = 630. 6x = 585. Not possible,


Q 34    7 persons on a ladder        (c)


Q 35    A is taller than B        (c)


Q 36    6 villages ABCDEF        (b)


Q 37    4 children sitting in a row    (b)

D A B C is the sequence


Q 38    hour and minute hand of clock        (c)


Q 39 – 44    English Questions, not to be attempted.    


Q 45.    3rd day Monday        (c)

3rd Monday means 10th Monday, 17th Monday. 18 is Tuesday, 19 is wed, 20 is thur, 21 is Friday. 1st day from 21 is Sat, 2nd day is Sun, 3rd day is Mon, 4th day is Tue, 5th day is Wed.


Q 46.    Charity show             (c)

Total sold = 420.

Sold at Rs. 5 = 210. Total money = 210 * 5 = 1050.

Sold at Rs 3 = 140. Total money = 140 * 3 = 420.

Sold at Rs 2 = 420 – 210 – 140 = 70. Total money = 70 * 2 = 140.

Total money = 1050 + 420 + 140 = 1610.


Q 47, 48, 49.

A (male, engg) husband of D(steno). 1st generartion.

B (Judge, son of A, D) husband of C(female, lawyer). 2nd generation.

F(draughtsman) brother of E (unmarried, doctor). 3rd generation.


Q 47.    ABCDEF passage        (a)

Q 48    ABCDEF passage        (c)    

Q 49    ABCDEF passage        (b)


Capitalism Passage

Q 50.                    (a)

Both a and c are correct, but a is more correct.


Q 51.                    (d)                

The ideological bias is that free markets are fair and competent. But the passage criticizes this bias and so implies that free markets are neither fair, nor competent.


Q 52                    (c)

2 and 3 tell us meaning of this assumption but the passage criticizes this assumption.


Public Sector Units Passage


Q 53.                    (c)

From 1st para, 2, 3, 4 are correct. 1 is nowhere clearly implied from the passage.


Q 54.                    (b)


Q 55.                    (c)


Q 56.                    (a)


Q 57.    Poets and questions         (b)

A = med

B = med

C = med

D = med

E = mod

F = mod

G = mod

H = mod

Modern alternate years. H like G. F like E. Paper setter likes F, so likes E. Last year paper had A, so this year modern must be asked. Among modern, paper setter likes E. So E has higher chance.


Q 58.    6 women            (d)

Total 6. 4 dancers, 4 vocal, 1 actress, 3 violin.

Girija = violin

Vanaja = violin, vocal

Jalaja = no violin, vocal

Shailja = no violin, dancer, vocal

Tanuja = dancer, vocal, violin (2 of them are also violin)

Pooja = actress


Q 59.    PQRST…             (d)

P = 4, T = 4 + 5 = 9, N = 9 – 3 = 6,


Q 60.    Army vs civilians        (c)

Quality of life is high in army that is why death rate is lower.


Q 61.    Buses, Trucks, Cars        (d)

Buses > Cars

Trucks < Buses

None of the given 3 options can be inferred from the passage.


Q 62.    Military passage        (b)

Clear from the 1st line itself.


Q 63.    Alok, Bhupesh            (a)

Alok + Bhupesh = Chander + Dinesh

Alok > Bhupesh

Dinesh = 2 Chander

Alok = Dinesh + 5

Clearly, Alok has highest.


Q 64.    George attending classes    (d)


Monday = Music

Tues = Sports

Wed = Maths

Thus = History

Friday = not Lit,


Q 65.    A 11th from left        (c)


10 people, A, x people, B, 9 people.

10 people, B, x people, A, 9 people. 10 + 1 + x = 17. X = 6. Total people other than A and B = 10 + 6 + 9 = 25.    


Q 66.    B is north of A        (b)


A    C

This is Pythagoras theorem. BC2 = AB2 + AC2 = 52 + 122 =25 + 144 = 169. So BC = 13.    


Q 67.    Cars meting        (a)

Total distance = 160 km. Total speed = 50 + 30 = 80 km. So they will meet after 160 / 80 = 2 hours. So time of meet = 10:10 AM



Climate Change and Agriculture Passage


Q 68.                    (a)


Q 69                    (c)


Green House Gases Passage


Q 70                    (c)


Q 71                    (a)

A is correct as is mentioned in the 1st para. Same para also tells us that availability of alternate resources is not a problem, specially for India. So 3 is wrong. Considering the options which have 1 but not 3, only option left is (a).


Q 72                    (b)


Q 73                    (d)

Both paragraphs majorly talk about how lifestyles need to be changed. This is the message of the passage.


Q 74.     Nursery class            (d)

Total Eng + Total Hindi – Both Eng and Hindi = 50

Total Eng = 21, Both Eng and Hindi = 10. So total Hindi = 50 + 10 – 21 = 39. Hindi only = Total Hindi – Both Hindi and Eng = 39 – 10 = 29. Similarly, only English = 21 – 10 = 11. So our ans (d)



Q 75.    Area of rectangle        (b)


New length = 1.4l

New width = 0.8w

New area = 1.4 * 0.8 lw = 1.12 lw. So area increases by 12%, b is correct.


Q 76.     ABCDEF books            (b)


A    Yl    New    Law

B    Gr    New    Law

C    Gr    Old    Law

D    Yl    New    Med

E    Gr    Old    Med

F    Gr    Old    Med


Q 77.    36 cm line            (b)

2 pts at 1, 35 cm

Next 2 pts at 3, 33 cm

Next 2 pts at 6, 30 cm

Next 2 pts at 10, 26 cm

Next 2 pts at 15, 21 cm

Next pt at 15, 21 cm so not counted.

Next pt at 28, 8 cm.

Next pt at 0, 36 cm so not counted.

Thus total 12 points.


Q 78.     Selling goats            (c)

Let cost of 1st goat be Rs. 100. Then its selling price = 110 = selling price of goat 2. But he suffers loss of 10% on goat 2 which means cost of goat 2 = 110/.9 = 122.22

Total cost = 222.22, total selling price = 220. Means loss of ~1%.


Q 79.    Guitar, violin, flute        (b)

Guitar alone + flute alone + violin alone + any 2 + all 3 = 120

All 3 = 6

Any 2 = 30

Guitar alone = 40

So flute alone + violin alone = 120 – 76 = 44


Q 80.    Turning cards upside down    (a)


308 Replies to “UPSC Prelims 2014 CSAT Paper 2 Answer Key”

  1. Sir, kindly suggest how should I improve upon comprehension part, especially under exam pressure. I am sure I can get all of them correct in normal time but how to do it in exam time and pressure is a big test.


      1. Practice BJ? Upon whom? Hope you are not promoting adultery here. Kids are innocent you see. But since you guarantee success the only way by saying ‘nothing else’….. I will blow it away anyway.


  2. with respect to q 51 , i.e on capitalism wala passge, it is clearly implied in the passage that capitalism is biased towards one section of society…. so if we go by the inferential meaning as suggested by you , then (d) can never be the answer….

    it is written ‘biased’ in the option and not ‘competent’ as said by you in option d….
    so, please look into it….

    just a humble request…..


  3. sir i got 190+ genral cat ,,,,is it possible to crack

    in my view if u see last year 241 for gen out of 400

    thr were two simple full no getting chance like…….english paragraph and desicion making without negetive marks
    total 37 marks free of cost was there

    this time paper was toooo tough and second paper was not so easy like last year

    in my view merrit will go 180 to 190 for genral and very close to obc like 175+

    its my sixth sence saying…………………………….


  4. Gave interview last season. This time fucked up the second paper. I am getting around 195 marks… Cat– SC. What are my chances? Getting perplexed here folks.


  5. sir last year i passed pre but failed in mains.
    this year my paper i=84.67 and paper ii=155.34
    total around 235+
    do i have a chance? please reply…
    my friends are saying that cutoff should be around 240+
    is it true??


        1. agreed Rishab…..why do people who expect 230-240+ even post here to clear their doubts whether they will clear or not….! indeed show off.


  6. the answer keys provided by different websites are so varied that i’ve seen my chances going from being pretty good (CL- 225) to very bad (vajiram and ravi- around 203) to this website’s doubtful 214.18…

    with a conservative score of 205… what are my chances? what is the likely cut off for general category please?


    1. Bhai, RC ke answers aur GS1 ke kuch 4-5 answers main bahut variability.
      Kya VisionIAS answer keys niklata hai ? Usse bhi mila kar dekh hi lete hai


    1. yaar passage ke kafi questions ke answer jo sir ne diye hain wo kisi se v match nahi kar rahe hain khaskar capitalism,himalayan passage…so kuch v ho sakta hai


  7. gs1 attempted 58q but only getting 38q correct so getting 62marks. gs2 attemted 58q getting 51q correct so 121marks , total 183 . gen cat doing shift job in cpsu, i think my preparation is below average , so i should again understand study plan for success in 2015 and start from scratch. i m very weak in geography so i have to read ncert from 6 to 12 or only 11,12. what should i do now ….desparate to become ias officer bcoz my present job is not giving any meaning to my life, plz help me.


  8. 183+ SC category should i start preparation for mains? in dilemma plzzzzzz give ur opinion… otherwise i will prepare for my state pcs interview…


    1. Hi Preety, Your case is borderline. But still high chances, considering that papers were tougher this year. I am expecting 200, and as per some coaching reviews, cutoff is likely to be 180-185.


  9. Hi Gaurav Sir, I read in your blogs about your marks in last 2 years mains. Personally I felt your marks in Eco. (~300) played a huge role in wading you through in mains 2013. It was way too high for any optional by all means. Please share some ideas, in general, which played a major role in taking you way abreast in the optional. Regards, Jitendra


  10. Gaurav,

    1. plz suggest some broad plan for mains..since watever was read before pre is already gone back of my head..and got to pull them to front..

    with plan i need to know…in how much time how much shud be read and revised, and how many times to be able to remember and write in exam..

    2. how have u read Punchi Comm reports, since many reports by Punchi..and so much story to get the main ‘prob and recommendation’ plz suggest and how much time i shud take to get rid of tat..


  11. sir in himalayan ecosystem question-it was written possible loss of genetic system. And in answer it has two statements:
    Statement 1- permanent disappearance of some flora and fauna
    Statement 2- permanent extinction of flora and fauna.
    Both are incorrect (d) because possible loss of genetic species does not only count flora and fauna but also all other habitation possibilities including insects,weeds,microorganisms etc not covered under term flora and fauna(genetic species is a broader term than flor and fauna) which genetically modify to form other species. so possible loss of genetic species means loss of some of all these organisms.
    Correct me if I am wrong


    1. Kindly refer to UPSC passages from 2011. According to UPSC answers, common sense and not what was given in the passages was required to answer those questions. Answers are totally random and never as straightforward as they seem to be.


  12. 17th question CSAT, SET-B …your answer is not correct according to me… if you add all 3 rows then each row sum is 60. That way answer comes out to be 8 and not 15.


  13. 17th question CSAT, SET-B …your answer is not correct according to me… if you add all 3 rows then each row sum is 60. That way answer comes out to be 8 and not 15.


  14. i think through this forum if we can get a sample space of abt 100 peoples score then by analysing we can roughly find cut off by graphical representation – type name ,cat, score, last year score
    I gave interview in 2013 i scored 243 last time in pre now only getting 190 gen cat . I see people are so ashamed that they are not telling their right score and telling some what enhanced score . people are having a prejudice that score can not go down below 200 or below 241 but this is relative exam and UPSC ne KASAM kha li thi ki HINDI medium walo ko RAGD dena hai . ye sab usi dharna pradarshan ka natija hi . papers were printed later and passage were made COMPLEX and lengthy intentionally.


    1. ( UPSC ne KASAM kha li thi ki HINDI medium walo ko RAGD dena hai . ye sab usi dharna pradarshan ka natija hi . papers were printed later and passage were made COMPLEX and lengthy intentionally.)
      all u r saying rightly but this last lines seems to be rumour. i respect your analysis i m student of psycho i can understand that people block their mind to not go below 200 chahe jhoot hi kyu na bolna pade. i m getting 183 gen cat i should start prep for mains or not …according to ur experience lz tell me.


      1. yes start preparing at least it will not be wasted .As u are a psychology student then u know still u will not be sure till upsc will declare result but suppose u got selected then? you will be having only 1 month and 7 papers to be prepared?


      2. I think we should start preparations for mains now. Having worked hard for so many months, I don’t think it would harm us to continue doing so for the next couple of days.
        And though I am saying you this, I myself, feeling disheartened by my GS1 performance cannot focus on studies.
        I need some encouraging words.


  15. last time most people were getting 215-220 marks and cut off went 241
    this year people are getting around 180-190 then cut off will be 210 some what but ………..UPSC is synonym for “which cant be predicted”


  16. hi, im scoring somewhere in the range of 195-210 depending on different keys available. first attempt, general category.. do you think i have a shot?


    1. gourav sir ji or any other may whom concern pls tell me afer all calculation what would be my chance. my score 190-198 (obc) after all available source(sankar ias, cl, upsc portal) checking including urs. i wrote main in 2012. should i start preparation or go for my business.


  17. score is 175 in SC category..don’t think I will make the mark..good luck to all who are getting through..and thanks for posting such a lovely blog.


      1. well I have made some silly mistakes and just think it isn’t enough.. also I have state PSC coming up.. so will try for that side by side..just keeping my expectations low ..the results will tell..i need to move out of this “cut-off mark haunting my preparation” system :)


  18. Gaurav,

    1. plz suggest some broad plan for mains..since watever was read before pre is already gone back of my head..and got to pull them to front..

    with plan i need to know…in how much time how much shud be read and revised, and how many times to be able to remember and write in exam..

    2. how have u read Punchi Comm reports, since many reports by Punchi..and so much story to get the main ‘prob and recommendation’ plz suggest and how much time i shud take to get rid of tat..


  19. Gaurav Sir,
    in answer 1 paragraph says,possible loss of genetic resources. permanent disappearance of flora and fauna is not mentioned. Genetic resources not include only flora and fauna. Please tell.


      1. bhai possible loss of genetic species hai. possible loss is not permanent disappearance. some species reappear after loss. and genetic species is not only flora and fauna.


          1. They are not similar at all. loss means you have dropped something or lost something but possible to be revived again but permanent disappearance means,permanently lost


  20. Even in Question 51. Option D is not correct because,i paragraph it is written that private companies are biased. So answer should be (b) as ideological base being it is not fair but competitive as inferred from paragraph.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.


  21. sirs/mams
    paper 1 60
    paper 2 120-125

    total 180+
    st cat

    first attempt!
    plz guide me whether to start preparing for mains
    totally bummed out bcz of 180 deg shift in gs paper of this year


  22. Hello Gaurav sir,

    Is there any way to prepare without coaching.
    I have just passed B.Tech (Mech.) and now i can’t afford for coaching.
    Can i prepare for IAS .If so, can you
    suggest me the best way to prepare without coaching.


  23. Hi Sir,

    Just a quick question i have. I am 31 now and have got eligibility due to the increased two additional attempts. Paper I – 110+/-2 and Paper II – 70+/-5, i do not have a hope (even by chance) that i would be eligible for mains.

    DOB – 08 May 1983 , will i be eligible to write csat 2015 ????? if i do not have a chance are there any other exams which i would be eligible ????

    Please suggest :-)




  25. Hello sir, i am scoring 200+ (OBC) and i decided to prepare for mains without thinking about result. My optional is chemistry. At present i am totally blank about main’s preparation. I want to really work for it. Please suggest what and how should i prepare keeping in mind that i have only three months left. Should i first prepare optional till result comes! … Anjula


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