Recapitalising Economy


Recently the government announced recapitalisation of the public sector banks to the tune of over 1.5 lakh crores in the largest ever such exercise. Predictably it has come under lot of criticism. In the article here published in Swarajya, we try to analyse the issue based on economic logic. 


4 thoughts on “Recapitalising Economy”

  1. Sir please keep writing, it is not only guiding light but also inspiring to have someone like you on the way to tougher journey


  2. Hello sir I love you very much .. will reach you and meet you one day .. you are my source of inspiration. . Please keep posting your views ..


  3. Didn’t expect you to write for SwarajyaMag, a highly biased right-wing magazine. Does every bureaucrat has to turn into a Govt sycophant?
    Unsubscribed from your blog, henceforth.


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