Musings of an Aussie Fan…

I never cheered for Australia. I almost always hated them. I hated the way they used to make India surrender down under. I almost wept when in the 2003 world cup final, Ricky Ponting singlehandedly beat Dada’s team mercilessly. I felt so helpless when Matthew Hayden would buldgeon sixes after sixes, when Adam Gilchrist would come in at five down for 100 and almost everytime hit a century even on Indian pitches. I used to silently watch in disappointment McGrath and Brett Lee and even the side hero Gillespie make Indian batsmen surrender so completely, so brutally.

Of course I cheered for India. I will remember the majestic 281 by Laxman forever. That moment still gives me goosebumps as for the first time India took a raging bull by horn and fought it instead of surrendering meekly as it would do earlier. A fight which subsequently became the team’s culture and which now every player carries. I danced as Ishant made Ponting dance to his deliveries in Australia. I was elated when Dravid and Laxman would score double centuries and centuries in almost every test in the Australia in perhaps 2004. I rose to cloud nine when Sachin would dance down and hit Warne for sixes over his head…

But overall, Australia always outmatched India. More often than not I would watch India surrendering to – better players. Out of desperation, I would support anyone who would stand upto Aussies. I used to find solace in their victories against the Aussies and feel sad when they lost. So perhaps I cheered for Cook more than I cheered for Sachin down under. I was perhaps as frustrated as Klusner when Alan Donald ran himself out. I shouted so loud a NO when Gibbs dropped Steve Waugh that night. I felt so happy when the Proteas chased down 438…

Ohhh.. I hated the Aussies. I hated them coz they were a class apart. I hated them coz they would beat everyone everywhere – a mark of true champion. I hated them coz they were legends. Yet I don’t know when my hate also turned into a respect. For the same reasons, I also respected them. I always put Ponting above Sachin and today rate Smith higher than Kohli in the best batsmen debates. Of course in bowling there has never been any match.

I don’t know when my envy turned into admiration and admiration turned into awe. I realise I am an Aussie fan despite my hate. They were just so brilliant. The baggy green – it carries with itself the pride vested into it by generations of champions – men who played it fair and hard.

But today, I am heartbroken. Perhaps as much as on that fateful 2003 final. Perhaps even more. Smith had no right. He had no right to so recklessly abuse the baggy green. He has hurt not just me – but millions of fans across the globe and all the legends who once wore it before him. He has no place among the legends. He doesn’t deserve it. That cheat!!!



5 Replies to “Musings of an Aussie Fan…”

  1. The cheat, really ? I am not defending him but calling him a a cheat is a bit far fetched to say the least. A game dominated by batsmen, where boundaries are getting shorter and bats are getting thicker, bowlers are just there to help batsmen improve their averages and strike rates. I think this is an opportune moment to make a case for legalising ball tampering. It has been mooted earlier also but then who cares for the poor bowlers. Cricket is not just all about boundaries and sixes, it’s a game where everyone who plays should have a chance but alas I don’t see that happening anymore. The incident as a whole has been blown out of prorportion by the international media not because it has something to do with ball tampering, because it involves Smith, greatest of this generation and Australia, greatest team of all time.


    1. Showing sympathy? Really bro?
      Its all about integrity, they don’t just represent the team, they represent an entire nation ,young fans look upto them.No matter how great or how talented you are ,what is the use if you have no strong moral principles?
      Did you see his nonchalance attitude at the post match press? It seems like he doesn’t realise the severity of the issue.Excuses like “it will not happen again” , ‘this is the first time it has happened” , “desperation drove us to tamper” , like for real is he a class 4 kid?


    2. Kahna kya chahte ho bhai ? Jab fair game nahi khelna hai toh sirf toss krke hi match decide karlo. They hatched a plan to roughen the ball so that it could be replaced which would help their bowlers. Do you think they are playing gully cricket over there? Don’t try to defend them. This time you saw a tape being used to scrub the ball next time you might witness someone bringing a blade to cut the ball itself. So these things have to stop and these cheaters need some lessons to learn a hard way.


  2. The Aus Cricket team is the worst national team in Australian Sport. They have always been the same.Poor sportsmanship, celebrating wickets like a bunch of flogs, no respect for the baggy green, no respect for the game.


  3. Forgot Hanse Cronje,proteas lost coz of fixing. Aussies players always got a FairPlay and plundering preplanned game plans well communicated and hinted.Cook too played domestic cricket surrendering cricketing tips to all spectators.ECB reduced to cheerleader.Yeah Aussies deserves preserving teams dignity and quality. Indian cricket gave catcalls of Rajasthan royals. Wish I could ever here commentaries but chances are less, nobody remembers groundsman


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