State and Us

Got this message from a dear friend over the violence seen in yesterday’s agitations against Supreme Court’s decision on SC/ST Act. Felt like replying once the things calmed down. Felt like sharing after replying. Perhaps some thoughts for introspection for us – the people – who is failing who, where do we want to move.

#ViewsArePersonal #Polity #State #SocialContract

Please take it from a political science theory point of view only – what should be the relationship between state and its people.

This is what my friend said…

My reply…


8 Replies to “State and Us”

  1. Hi Sir,
    I just have one question, ratio of people providing prices service to the population is less because government lack money or improper budgetary allocation.

    Can you give a plausible reason for decreasing vacancies in civil services and PSU’s.

    Sir can also please inform us if our police trained well to deal with a situation like this as administration also failed in Jat andolan.

    You have given a nice emotional rebuttal but government can’t abdicate it’d responsibility like this. After the announcement of the bharat band call no preparation was done. The is no policy to deal with such issue. The was no legal action for destruction of public property in Jat andolan hence more such incidences are encouraged. Why we have ineffective judiciary? Why judges don’t take sou motto actions? Why there is no technology like Arial surveillance through drones etc.? Why officers always pleas their helplessness?

    Citizens have expections and frustrations my be spilled by some like friend of yours but pleasing your helplessness put it back on citizens is also not acceptable for higher officers with all due respect to you Sir.

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    1. 1 question bol kar itna puch liya. think on this too. This shows you’re not in a good state of mind. do get some medication. a perv indeed.


  2. And also, though this violent act was legally unjustifiable, it was demonstration of accumulated anger afflicted upon them amid eneffective system. It was against the anti-dalit attitude of law enforcement.


  3. Sir, Your reply is surely glimpsed the relationship between a man and the state…I also relent on those type of people who intend to change the entire cosmos or at least the running government by a mere say on velveted sofa of their own…


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