PubAd Hidden Topics: Lohit Matani (AIR 182, CSE 2013)

Friends, people often complaint of butchering of pubad or pubad junta being punished by upsc. A big reason thereof is the recent trend of asking unconventional or ‘out of syllabus’ questions or questions which hit our face directly.

Lohit Matani (AIR 182, CSE 2013) has written this wonderful article where he decodes such questions and tells us the ‘hidden’ topics they come from so that one can study for these. His fb profile is and below article is directly from his blog.

Click here to see the article.


11 Replies to “PubAd Hidden Topics: Lohit Matani (AIR 182, CSE 2013)”

  1. Thanks alot sir for sharing with us ur precious experience that may help us in this exam..

    Sir my optional is anthropology and going to appear for CS pre this year.

    I kindly request u to please share some of the posts related with anthropology .
    As u have done with other optional..

    thank you sir…


  2. Dear sir, kindly enlighten me about how i should start my preparation with political science as my optional paper. Thankyou in anticipation!


  3. Heylooo gaurav agarwal sir…I’m doing my mbbs internship..sir please guide me how to prepare n utilise my internship period..


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