Was all this worth it?

In August 2014, I stopped writing new articles on this blog. This was primarily because I felt I had done my bit, given all I had to the aspirants.

However, a recent talk given at forumias gave me an opportunity to reflect upon my life before and now… Was all this worth it? Was IAS worth it? The path taken 5 years ago, from the glamour of Wall Street to the shitty lanes of remote villages in Rajasthan – was it worth it? From the efficient and fast private sector to working in government – was it worth it? Why IAS – the question which used to haunt me during the interview prep…

I am uploading the video here – watch till about 35 minutes and then the last 5 minutes. This is my heart which speaks… Its a bit long but apologies, can’t write everything again…


18 Replies to “Was all this worth it?”

  1. thank for sharing your experience, its worth listening… Please continue to share your experience in future also, it may give many aspirant a chance to look IAS job as what it real is and may inspire them to be a partner in a change with what they look for.

    PS : when I saw your last post in August 2014 I was subdued, as I thought I miss an opportunity to read your post again to gain more about exam and how to prepare etc. But now after seeing your video hats off to you… And yes you have Inspire me …. THANKS SIR…

    And yes I agree one don’t like repeating them-selves again & again regarding exam strategy etc. But now please share your ON THE JOB Experiences when ever you get time. It will really help everyone to see the world in a real manner.


  2. Hello sir you are a huge inspiration to many,thank you very much for this post although i had already seen it on forumias but watched it again because the happiness of getting a mail from this bolg is immense and you are truly amazing.Each word of yours touches the heart.Like many in this video i m also your huge fan and would love to see your post again and in case you still think you have done your bit, given all you had to the aspirants then sir i would like to request that in the video you mentioned that while you use to write this blog you wrote the things you observed around you so sir please can u again start penning your observations? Thank you sir for this awesome motivational speech.


  3. After a long time Sir…You are back…Please keep sharing your experience…It was just Wow…and really felt very happy to see the mail notification.

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  4. Before this mail, i have chaecked many a time you blog “thesupermanreturns” in case if you started sharing your inspiration experience, please continue sharing real time experience/obervations…it is huge inspiration to all your readers…Thanks a lot:)


  5. “It is not topping in this exam but what you do after topping counts..” reflects your concern for the quality of the national service rendered.

    I know it’s hard for you to stop writing/sharing, and harder for us to stop reading/listening. The Superman keeps returning!


  6. Thank you sir for sharing your insights. The video not just inspire us for the many good reasons but it also reflects your consistent devotion for the dream that you chased. I have recently visited your blog and like many others I really admired your gesture of guiding, sharing and motivating every soul who look up to you. I have read most of your articles and found them really interesting and I don’t really know how much time you get but it would always be a pleasant surprise to have a post from you.


  7. Sir, please can you tell me is kalinga ias notes sufficient enough to prepare for economics optional or do we to prepare from the books mentioned in your earlier post?


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